HRV and Me. My Individual Test Results

HRV and Me. My Individual Test Results

Ok.  Day 1:

So I was finally able to get my hands on one of the HRV monitors and I am currently suited up.  It’s really light.  The only thing I feel is the medical grade sticker that it attaches to.

So today and tomorrow I will be eating a high protein diet.  I want to see how my body reacts to me eating an Atkins style diet plan.  (I’m thinking that I’ll be stressed out because eating high protein and very little carbs for me is boring and therefore, stressful.  But who knows maybe I’ll be wrong. We shall see what science says).

As for hunger I’m ok right now but I’m pretty sure I’ll want a grill cheese sandwich before the day is through but for the sake of the experiment I will do my absolute best.

By the way, I’m only eating meats, eggs, very little cheese, etc.  No  red wine :-( no nuts, fruit, bread, no tasting my 16 month old food to make sure it tastes good, and only if I feel like I want to scream and slap my hubby for no apparent reason I’ll have a little bit of green leafy veggies otherwise no veggies either.

Anyway, I want to see how well I sleep, go throughout my day and exercise on a high protein diet plan.

After this experiment I’ll do a high carb diet next.

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